Write a blog about relationships

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Write a blog about relationships

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The unrealistic and unhealthy portrayal of romantic relationships. I said it and now people can take notice because yes, there is a serious lack of realism when it comes to the romantic relationships in books. Authors are writing relationships that are meant to be exciting and intense, write a blog about relationships their execution of those couples can be flawed in sometimes very harmful, although unintentional ways.

In fact, adding a romantic relationship to your book can do it some good.

write a blog about relationships

The dynamic of love can: Glamorizing abuse This might be the biggest, most overlooked issue in books. There are way too many authors writing abusive relationships and passing them off as romantic, particularly in the young adult genre, though this can be seen in all types of books.

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So the main character is written as seeing this abuse as true love. This romanticization of abuse is simply harmful to anyone reading it.

write a blog about relationships

Young people might turn to books when it comes to learning about romance. In order to avoid these types of mistakes, make sure your relationships are written consensually.

How often do you hear two people locking eyes across a restaurant and falling madly and immediately in love with one another? Or within a very, very short amount of time, which is not remotely accurate. You have to get to know one another first, build the chemistry and allow that spark to ignite before you can begin that romantic journey.

Why should your book characters be any different? If you want the relationship to be realistic and keep your readers fully immersed in it, you have to give it the appropriate amount of time to grow and evolve. Both people should be equally as active in the ongoings of the partnership.

This is both unrealistic and just plain boring. Writing relationships without commonalities If two people are in a relationship, they should have things in common. If those two people need to be in a relationship for your plot to work, then you need to put just as much effort into their dynamic as a couple as you do for the entire plot.

Never allowing for vulnerability In order for your characters to bond on a deep enough level for love to be in the air, some vulnerability needs to happen.

They need to open up to each other and express more emotions than lust and longing. How else will they be able to grow closer? Allowing for moments of vulnerability shows their weaknesses. Here are a few ways you can create some vulnerability: Have one character get injured Create conflict involving something one is particularly sensitive about Make a character break down from the stress of your plot Have them share secrets Even strong, tough characters need moments of vulnerability and weakness.

Two birds, one stone.

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And writing them correctly means avoiding these mistakes that can take your fictional relationship from realistically impactful to harmfully impactful.If writing about relationships is what you’re good at, and you know you can bring something to the table, go for it! Do take a look at some of the best relationship blogs first, though.

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