Geography coursework river alyn

The upper part is usually the steepest. The source is the starting point of the river, it is the highest point. The watershed is an imaginary line that separates one drainage basin from another. The drainage basin is the area from which rainwater drains into the river.

Geography coursework river alyn

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Virtual River Flow Virtual River Flow enables students to carry out virtual fieldwork and gather a wide range of primary data without leaving the classroom.

On-screen help gives a detailed step-by-step guide to practical techniques and methods of data collection Program 2: River Flow Analysis River Flow Analysis enables students to input and process primary information recorded from their own field-studies.

This second part of the River Studies package provides all the tools necessary to produce printable in-depth analyses of actual geographical sites, allowing students to observe the direct correlation between the physical properties of river sections and the resultant flow patterns.

Bedload Simulation This program allows the study of bedload characteristics over the 10km stretch of the virtual river.

Controlled assessment

Random samples of either large calibre pebbles or small calibre sediment bedload can be taken at any point along its course. Pebbles are assessed in terms of size, shape, sphericity and flatness, whilst the finer sediment is sieved to determine the degree of sorting.

Bedload Analysis This is the sister program to River Flow Analysis and allows students to present and analyse original data from their own fieldwork. Selecting 'pebble sizes' or 'sieve data' from the main menu allows access to two different spreadsheets for data entry.

A wide range of print options allow students to produce professional summaries and analysis of their data for inclusion in coursework folders. Focus Educational Software Ltd.Joseph M. Reeves topic Joseph Mason "Bull" Reeves (November 20, – March 25, ) was an admiral in the United States Navy, who was an early and important supporter of U.S.

Naval Aviation. Geography Newsletter – Year 11 Issue 1 – November Welcome to the first year 11 newsletter from the Geography Department, we would like to keep you up to date with what your child is studying, what you can do to help and effective ways to revise.

Lower-course river features include wide flat-bottomed valleys, floodplains and deltas.

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In the lower course, the river has a high volume and a large discharge. The river channel is now deep and wide and the landscape around it is flat.

River discharge is defined as the volume of water passing a measuring point or gauging station in a river in a given time.

It is measured in cubic metres per second (cumecs). May 06,  · Features of the upper course of a river including waterfalls.

Geography coursework river alyn

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